Who is Tailor Maid?

We are a unique service-team of dedicated and caring professionals that “custom tailor” our services to meet your every need. We provide quality services, expertise, and our specialty unique personal attention goes into every service that we offer. Whether you need a house sitter, a personal assistant, or an extra pair of hands for your party, Tailor Maid can ensures our services will fit your unique needs.

We’re Extraordinary!

We have a fully customer centric philosophy that ensures everything we do surpasses your expectations. Our goal is to build a personal relationship with you and to provide you with the service you not only expect, but deserve. We pride ourselves on being ready to take on any project, so rest easy. We are thorough cleaning your home or office.

We’re Dependable!

You can rest assured that we are always on time when scheduled to perform any home service that you’ve requested. We are committed to being reliable, efficient, and effective to take care of all your needs. We utilize a state of the art client scheduling system that ensures that each of our clients receive the very best care and service to the highest quality possible.

Dedicated to Making Your Life Easier!

The moment you walk through your door, you will know Tailor Maid has been there! Our focus is to provide you the service and attention that you need. Once you’ve tried our services you’ll have the peace of mind that you deserve. Our goal is to provide you with the exactly the kind of service you need to minimize your headaches and give you the flexibility, time, and energy to do the things that you enjoy. Whether it is to spend some time at the gym or go out for some fun with your family and friends. Schedule a cleaning now!

why choose us

  • We’re Professional!

    We carefully screen potential employees and check references. Only then, do we select only the most qualified applicants who will enjoy working in your home to perform all the necessary tasks that you need completed.

  • We’re Bonded & Insured!

    We respect the trust you place in Tailor Maid by allowing us to work in your home. That’s why we are especially careful with each of your belongings, but you know you are protected against loss and/or breakage that could occur while we are working in your home.

  • We Guarantee Quality!

    We guarantee that your home will be serviced just the way you like it! At Tailor Maid, the job is only finished when you are completely satisfied. We utilize our 49 point checklist to ensure our services are provided with the utmost care and professionalism.

  • We’re Professionally Trained!

    At Tailor Maid, each of our employees are thoroughly trained by an experienced supervisor that works side by side with them until they have mastered every skill necessary in providing the level quality we demand. Just take a look at our Ultimate Checklist.

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